Mid Year Ball Wrap-up


SMOSH West Lakes Senior Ball 2016

On Saturday the 9th of July, 197 people attended the SMOSH West Lakes Senior Ball at the Lakes Resort Hotel. The night was a huge success for the people who attended and for the senior football club. The evening commenced with Robbie Fraser throwing rib ticklers left, right and center to the crowd on the microphone, whilst honoring the late and great Graham ‘Mudgy’ Mudge. Following, Jai O’Toole welcomed the sponsors, committee members and the Payne family to their first Ball. The night kicked on with DJ Full Noize doing a fantastic job on the decks, playing some old classics that got everyone involved. Towards the end of the night we were lucky enough to see some of the best dressed males and females strut their stuff on the dance floor and with the crowd voting we were able to announce Robo as best dressed male, winning it with his generation Y dance moves. Whilst Chris Seery’s better half Ellie was crowned as best dressed female, wearing a lovely blue piece, probably made by some fancy designer. Following that, we announced raffle prize winners and silent auction winners, both raising great amounts of money for the club, so thank you to all who contributed. After all formalities were completed we continued on into the night some staying at the Lakes, some into the city and some to the Thomas household, drinking the place dry. This week, a little birdy told me that we drank $2000 over the alcohol budget so well done to all who contributed to that effort. I also take this time to thank everyone who attended the ball and to all who were involved in making it a very successful night, those people know who they are and do it purely for the love of the club.

Words by Keaton Thomas